Events, Socials & Portrait

Event, Social and Family/Portrait Photography

Please read my ‘about’ page before proceeding. It is important to us both that you know about me and my photography .

Good, now that you know my background and experience let’s not waste time by me writing and you having to read all the words that other photographers make up about how good they are! Simply know that I take high quality pictures both posed and the un-posed ‘catch that moment’ type, I do it well, and you will not be disappointed.

It may be a party, birthday celebration or social evening. It may be a new born child, a christening or an engagement couple. It will be anything where you would like a Professional Photographer to take images.
I also offer a ‘photo-booth’ which is proving to be very popular (see 21st party portfolio). This set up uses professional strobe lights and is self operated!

The cost is £30 for the first hour and £20 for each additional hour or part thereof.
The cost for the ‘photo-booth’ is £90 for three hours (roughly 2 full hours of booth time, half an hour to set up and half an hour to take down; there is a lot of gear).

Payment will be made in full one month before the event.
I will edit the best images. Each will be checked thoroughly and enhanced as required. They will be loaded onto my website; if required this may be a password protected portfolio. I will zip file the images to you. My normal rates for prints apply (but you can do them yourself as you wish). If I do them I will give them a final quality check and set them to the correct crop size for the prints that you order.

With your permission I will put some of the images onto my facebook page and/or this website for public viewing.