Community Photography

Please read my ‘about’ page before proceeding. It is important to us both that you know about me and my photography .

For local community organisations in Caithness my service is free however, if possible, a donation (£10) to my nominated charity 'Girl Guiding Caithness' would be welcome. The images will be loaded into a portfolio on this website. High resolution image downloads are charged at a token payment of £1; any income will be split between my overheads (petrol, web site etc.) and my charity. The organisation will (if wished) be given a disc of the images for publicity purposes.

With the client/organisations permission I will also load the images onto my Facebook Page and give some to the local paper for publication.

For information I have been through Advanced Disclosure with Girl Guiding.

In some cases the organisation or models require the images to remain private and this site maintains that confidentiality in their portfolios through password protection.

Contact details can be found on this site or use my facebook page Wolfburn Photography.